Miles Tucker Art

bronze sculptures

About the Artist, Miles Tucker

Miles Tucker grew up in South East Texas. He came from a long line of artists, including his grandmother, his mother and his older sister. His love for art started at the age of five, when he first began spending countless hours wandering art museums and galleries in Houston with his mother.

In the late seventies Miles began his professional career as a fulltime artist. His early career met with success as his art became recognized across the country through newspapers and national publications. He has also been interviewed on several national television programs.

Miles has had the opportunity to create sculptures for the Grand Floridian Hotel in Disney World, as well as commissioned work for several celebrities.

Miles work is best known for his attention to detail and realism. Although he is skilled in sculpting almost any subject, he has become well known for his work in the wildlife arena. Some of his larger pieces stand over twenty feet tall.

Miles is happily married and a father of five. They have eleven grandchildren. He and his wife currently live in Northern Nevada.

Miles Tucker, Artist

Bronze sculptures reflecting the majesty of the bald eagle.