Miles Tucker Art

bronze sculptures

The Eagle Has Landed

For over forty years, Miles has been creating three dimensional sculptures in wood. Now he has moved his talent into bronze where he can achieve even greater detail and precision in his art. Most who have seen this masterpiece are impressed by its beauty and stunned that it is his first bronze. It is already being acclaimed as one of the most detailed and realistic bronze eagles ever made. The detailed artistry is striking and the size is impressive. Even these pictures do not fully convey the beauty of this piece. Like pictures of the Grand Canyon - it does not compare to seeing the real thing. Come see it!

Miles has always had a passion for the bald eagle and has now been able to create them as he has envisioned they should be. This eagle took a full six months to create and the results speak for themselves.

The specifications for "The Eagle Has Landed" are:


38" tall

60% of life size


43" across

18" base


24" deep

250 pounds


Bronze sculptures reflecting the majesty of the bald eagle.